Selected Work


Q: The rebrand is very different to the original branding. How did this come about?
A: Attica was approached by the company director to give the branding a complete overhaul as the current logo did not refect the new market. The old logo was too childlike so together we chose a classic font with unsteated typography and a colour muted palette that complimented the new ideals. The shop is based in the heart of an historic South London village, Carshalton, next to two beautiful large ponds, home to many ducks. So we chose to pencil draw an image of a duck to offset the pared down typography and colour palette beautifully. This logo is now one of the villages main landmarks, featuring in Surrey magazines and local pub quizzes!

Q: Tell us how the website came about
A: When asked to design the new website Attica decided that a simple, easy to navigate, bespoke look and feel website would be the most suitable. So we kept with the same type styles and colour palette but allowed space on the homepage for easy to update banners which would give the website a fast pace, showing that the brand was constantly updating it's stock. We chose to keep the boutique feel of the shop and brand by designing the site to sit easily within the browser so that you do not need to scroll to see more. Both the directors and Attica were very happy witht the final result.

Q: Are you involved with Calladoodles in any other way?
A: Ever since the re-brand we have designed all of Calladoodles in store graphics. This includes the front hoarding, windows, posters, postcards and any advertising needed. Designs are simple and effective with a strong emphasis on typography.