Selected Work



Website Redesign and development work.

Q: The site appears to be built on a square grid. How did this concept evolve?
A: As the contracted design source we had been continuously developing the brand, so when asked to look at the entire site we decided to approach this redesign with a contemporary feel. For this reason we chose a square grid with interchangeable graphic elements, such as campaign imagery, text or abstract textures, in 4 different sizes, that could be regularly updated to capture the realxed fashion nature of MV.

Q: Mint Velvet has a strong image. How did you realise this in the design?
A: Mint Velvet's fundamentals lie in easy, relaxed clothing that takes it's inspiration from high fashion and makes it more wearable, putting it's own stylish twist on their clothing. So we selected a muted colour palette and selected classic fonts that could be mixed and matched to create beatiuful graphic shapes and textures. We have tried to keep the design as fluid as possible, with no hard and fast 'rules' but instinct when designing the look and feel of the pages.

Q: Mint Velvet has the most beautiful campaign imagery. How is Attica involved in this?
A: All of the campaign imagery is pre-commissioned and shot by Art Director Alison Landy and photographer Nicky Emmerson. Beth Francis (Marketing Manager) is in charge of choosing a large selection of 'behind the scenes' shots which are used to illustrate the personality of the brand throughout the site.

Q: What other work has Attica been involved in with MV?
A: Attica is an ongoing design consultancy for Mint Velvet, designing a range of in store and web materials for the brand. Projects include all of their Look Books, one off brochures, in store graphics and window decals, postacard and marketing materials, some web design work, overseeing certain design projects and more.