Selected Work



Clive Christian Perfume 30ml Launch Campaign

Q: What was the brief for this launch?
A: Clive Christian has two existing bottle sizes, the 100ml and the 50ml. The company decided to introduce the new smaller size and the launch of these bottles was the project that Attica worked on. We were asked to create a simple but dynamic design concept, using a few key sentences of text along with the new imagery. This concept could then be used for designing invites, press releases, digital advertising and print advertisments.

Q: What retaouching skills were required to get the desired effect?
A: Firstly, we retouched a few details and colour matched so that the new bottles exactly matched the existitng 50ml and 100ml sizes. We then arranged the bottles into sets of singles, doubles, triples and group images. 

Q: What artwork was required from Harrods?
A: Three sets of digital advertising screens were produced for Harrods comprising of dramatic mini animations, simple typography and the three new bottles.

Q: Were there any other department stores involved in this launch?
A: We also created marketing materials for Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus department stores in the USA.