Selected Work



As the chosen outsourced design consultancy, Attica designed this Look Book for their new Irish customers.


Q: How did this project come about?
A: Having a strong working relationship with the MV marketing team, Attica were able to work freely on the design of their first Irish catalogue.

Q: How did you approach this project?
A: We started by researching previous catalogues and closely discussing the collection with the marketing director, to find out which looks needed to sit together and what accessories were best placed together with them. Once a flatplan had been finalised we worked on the layout.

Q: What guidelines were you given?
A: As with most brands, we kept close to the brand guidelines, however, free reign was given with regards to font choice and positioning of all elements and text.

Q: Result?
A: A simple but interesting and engaging catalogue, using monochrome typography, a mix of small and large imagery, neat descriptions and stunningly beautiful photography - well received by Mint Velet's Irish customers, success!