Selected Work


Joy The Store Magazine

Q: How did Attica get involved in this project?
A: Having been involved in creating their first ecommerce site, JOY contacted us to produce a sample magazine that would be given away in store and also potentially given out at tube stations and in store. Attica approached Publicis to co-produce this magazine for JOY.

Q: What was involved in the creative process?
A: Together with Publicis' editorial director we compiled a profile of the JOY customer and from here we wrote and designed features to inspire the young fashion savvy women and men. Making sure that enough product featured on each spread (so as to provide a catalogue of potential sales) we created a series of very different features involving the 'typcial' JOY customer. This included interviews with inspiring women, a festival guide and day to evening story. The JOY diectors were very happy witht the finished result.

Q: How was imagery sourced?
A: Attica was in control of all imagery which included the use of watercolour painting and sketches as a way of standing out from other store magazines who concentrated on photography. This not only cut down their requirement for photographic teams and models but also reflected the quirky, free spirited personality of the JOY customer.