Selected Work


David Redman Crystal - Complete Rebrand

Q: Tell us about this project
A: David appraoched Attica with a brief to help relaunch his crystal homeware brand to attract a younger market. David Redman has been the biggest department stores in the world and is extremely highly sought after, yet David felt that younger people would be more attracted to a more minamilist brand. So Attica redesigned the original logo to make it more modern and designed a new 'mark' that could be used to increase company identity further, to be used in isolation from the rest of the logo when appropiate.

Q: How did you decide on the colour scheme?
A: David had very strong ideas about the colours to be used in his logo, choosing a dark purple. So we strengthened this with a palette of complimentary colours.

Q: Where did the circular pattern originate?
A: David's crystal is designed in many exquisite shapes and sizes, and tracing the outline of these made a simple yet effective pattern that could be used throughout his branding. Attica traced the original drawings of David's crystal designs and used the interesting silhouette shapes to form a mandala pattern.