Selected Work


Joy The Store Launch Wesbite Design

Q: This was JOY's launch website. How did you find the design process?
A: Working closely with the company directors and web project manager, Attica were commissioned to design and direct JOY's first ever online store. Having a strong working relationship with the director and knowing the market well, we were given a free reign to produce a site that we felt suited the company's ideals. We decided on a minimalist, monochrome wireframe which allowed lost of white space for bright imagery and colourful graphics, thereby reflecting the JOY ethos of Love, Life and Laughter. 

Q: How did you link in with JOY's branding in the design?
A: As JOY is an accessible brand with a playful, streetwise nature, we played on these themes by using campaign imagery with a bright, free, 'girl next door feel'. Combinging this with slick typography kept the look and feel strong enough so as to attract a new online customer.

Q: Was the design a success?
A: JOY has gone from strength to strength since the launch of it's website and addionally now has over 20 stores nationwide.