New Look


Q: You successfully pitched against 6 other design teams to win this client. Tell us more...
A: Attica was sub-contracted by 7 Publishing to work alongside the fashion editor/journalist Anna-Marie Crowhurst and produce a magazine that would beat off stiff competition from other big name contract publishers including Redwood, River, Sunday and Publicis. We are pleased to say that we won the pitch against six other companies. 

Q: How much creative freedom did you have in the pitch?
A: We were briefed by New Look to produce an exciting but sophisticated and glamouous magazine that was completely different from the old one. We had complete freedom to choose how the features were written; we chose the imagery, typography and designed entire layout. 

Q: Were there any constraints?
A: The only elements that had to stay were the New Look logo and it's brand icon, of which we included as patterns within the page designs. We were responsible imagery and photo shoots used in the project.

Q: What is your favourite design?
A: We were really happy with the bags and shoes design- we wanted the new design to hold a sense of fun and this layout illustrates this perfectly.