Mint Velvet Online


Q: Mint Velvet has a strong image. How did you realise this in the design?
A: Mint Velvet's fundamentals lie in stylish, relaxed clothing. So when asked to redesign the website, we created palettes and fonts that mix and match to create easy to navigate shapes and textures, complementing the brand.

Q: The site appears to be built on a square grid. How did this concept evolve?
A: As part of the brand's development the site was given a contemporary update. We created a square grid with interchangeable graphic elements, campaign imagery and text in four different sizes, that could be regularly updated and switched according to content.

Q: What other work has Attica been involved in with MV?
A: We have been involved in all aspects of the business. Projects include Look books, brochures, in store POS, windows, email marketing, poster and advertising campaigns, social and more.